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Welcome to Silver Strand Care (CBAS)

Often, a lot individuals experience stagnation during their senior years. The life changes that come along with transitioning to elderly years can sometimes make people feel disconnected, demotivated, and lonely. This is the reason why Silver Strand Care was established. We wish to guide the elderly through their senior years, making them feel connected, socially engaged, and satisfied in their day-to-day. With our services, we wish to foster a loving and caring community where seniors can find their happiness.

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You Are Important to Us

Services We Provide

Transportation to and From Your Home

There’s no need to worry about your transportation! You can leave it to us. We will make sure that you safely arrive to and leave from our facility.

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Socialization and Recreation

Age should never be a hindrance to living a good life. Here at Silver Strand Care, we will make sure that you get the socialization and recreation activities you need.

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Nutritious Meals

In the work we do, we prioritize your overall well-being. By serving you with the nutritious meals you need, we are your partners in promoting your health.

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Daily Comprehensive Health Monitoring

We take on a holistic approach to care. By conducting daily comprehensive health monitoring, we can ensure that you receive the care you deserve.

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View More Services

If you are interested to find out more about the services we offer, we have a full list on our services page.

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Set an Appointment

If you wish to avail of our services, set a meeting with us. This way, we can personally discuss your care needs and arrangements.

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Fees and Services

If you wish to know how much our services cost, you can check our rates here. Feel free to call us for any clarification.

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Adult Day Care Eligibility

Are you looking to join our adult day care community? If so, allow us to help you determine your eligibility.

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Our Mission Statement

Silver Strand Care seeks to expand health care and human services to provide for the growing needs of the frail and elderly, Alzheimer's victims, mentally ill and chronically ill, and developmentally disabled population of the San Fernando Valley.

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