Guiding you towards the path of healing

At Silver Strand Care, we place our clients at the top of our priorities. We provide a wide range of therapy services to ensure their health and wellness. In the work we do, we are fostering a loving and caring community. We make sure to treat each member like a family by providing comprehensive services:

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists diagnose and care for clients who are affected by different physical limitations. By assessing the symptoms experienced by a client, they will develop the right rehabilitation plan to meet the patient’s needs. The physical therapist will help the patient accomplish tasks and exercises that will allow them to train their muscles.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists help a client live better regardless of his/her injury, illnesses, or disabilities. In occupational therapy, our staff will first conduct an evaluation to identify the goals for the therapy. With these goals, our professionals will create an intervention plan to improve the client’s ability to accomplish daily activities.

Speech Therapy

There are different areas of concern that speech therapy tries to address. Speech therapy tries to look into problems with speech, communication, fluency, language, and even swallowing. A therapist will try to identify the causes of the problem and how to address communication disorders. Older adults need the help of a speech therapist when they have difficulties in communicating, drinking, or eating. As a whole, our speech therapists do what they can to improve our clients’ conditions.

If you need a loving and caring community that can help you in maintaining your health, growth, and happiness, Silver Strand Care is for you. Contact us for more information.